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Aug 9, 2019

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Warwick Levy
- Communications Degree at UTS
- Worked as the E-Commerce Coordinator for Ecco Shoes and launched their website
- Founder of Lonely Kids Club - a gender neutral clothing brand
- His brand designs, drafts and concepts all their own goods
- Warwick and Lonely Kids Club are both proud supporters of mental health awareness and Australian mental health initiatives

Selling your product - E-commerce
- Retail and office space initially found by reaching out to Brand X
- Initially an online brand while studying communications at University (part-time)
- E-commerce means using online systems to sell, market, take payment, shipping coordination
- Recommended E-commerce platforms: Wordpress, Shopify, Big Cartel, Magento, Squarespace, Wix, Demand (suitable for larger companies only)
- Shopify is specifically designed for retail and provides highly analytical insights
- The space has changed dramatically over the past decade and business owners should take time to find the most appropriate product for them

Getting into the retail space
- Inevitable risks are faced due to the subjective nature of the design process
- “Keep paddling…eventually you’ll release you’re closer to the shore than you think”
- Have reasonable time-frames for success! 18 months-3 years is a reasonable timeframe for growth
- Try and find what works for you, and push this as hard as you can
- What you expect to work may not and that’s okay as long as you adapt!
- Small business has so much that big business just can’t achieve

Digital marketing and what works!
- Don’t underestimate the power of common tools - social media platforms like Facebook can be relatively low cost for high rewards
- Using account managers and then learning how to use the product yourself from them can be a great way to gain insights
- Split-testing ads is an optimisation tool where you test variations of different ads to determine which engages more users, and diverts ad budgets towards more popular versions more money
- Available on Adespressor or directly through Facebook
- Starting with low or no cost can work!
- Consider things like guerrilla marketing e.g. presenting yourself on the street, stickers, free online ads
- Start small and expand gradually - consider only investing more money in when you are making more
- “it’s not about what you spend, it’s about how you spend it”
- Social media can also be used to defend your own brand if another company/brand attempts to steal or rip off your products/designs

Top tips for a new entrant considering entering the retail/E-Commerce space
- People wanting to buy from you are buying from someone else right now - think past your first concept!
- Why should your customers buy your product - find a niche
- Put yourself out there and push hard
- Try lots of things
- When you’re ready to quit, try that much harder

Products discussed
- Brand X - a not-for-profit focused on transforming urban spaces into cultural hubs for the community

Recommended E-commerce platforms:
- Wordpress
- Shopify
- Big Cartel
- Magento
- Squarespace
- Wix
- inDemand (suitable for larger companies only)
- Hootsuite
- Adespresso

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