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Jun 23, 2019

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Guest summary

  • Practicing psychologist for + 7 years
  • Child protection, forensics, forensic disability protection
  • Started own business – executive coach AND psychologist
  • While therapy is future focussed, executive coaching is more about pursuing your goals (what can change)

Determining who to bring into the business – finding the right fit

  • Analysing who you might work on – using positive psychology and coaching skills 
  • “A) their values are in line with the business and B) I want to have a look at their meta-capabilities... is this person a flexible person, an adaptable person, what are their analytic skills like”

Health and wellness

  • How to manage your own health and wellbeing in a high-pressure – “I’m strict with my self-care”
  • Recognising your own emotional exhaustion, stress management
  • Business owners need to prioritise themselves too
  • Recognising the importance of pursuing good burnout/stress
  • Employee hotlines like Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which employees can call for free when stressed/overwhelmed or just wanting to talk
  • Note: ongoing clinical support is for psychologists (maybe include a disclaimer at the bottom of the show notes)

 Marketing and growth in a non-testimonial business

  • No one has a thought-out marketing plan when they started – but it can take years to develop and implement
  • Networking is key and word-of-mouth 

Executive coaching and burnout

  • “Dynamic space”
  • Executive burnout has been added to the International Classification of Disorders by World Health Organisation
  • People in the field of psychology or have had other clinical roles may be more suitable/have more experience
  • Psychologists tend to use evidence-based models and research
  • Goal-setting and meeting your goals
  • Holistic service based on the needs of an executive
  • Keeping a separation between clinical/mental health (psychologist) and goals (executive coach)
  • Investments in self-development only better your skills and increase your effectiveness

What should you look for in an executive coach?

  • Somebody that doesn’t give you advice…looks at where your strengths lie and replicating your previous successes in this new problem situation
  • “people have these things inside them, it’s about supporting them to bring it out”
  • Having a support network


  • Experience vs. education – depends on the person
  • “I’m a digital nomad” – utilising technology to create flexibility in your working life

Products Recommended;

  1. - Sykpe 
  2. - Zoom
  3. - Employee Assistants Program -



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